RGBW Flow Halos

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For years we have used these halos and kept them to ourselves, now that they have years of on-road testing and we feel confident in reliability, we present to you RGBW Flow Halos. These are a must if you're customizing your headlights or even taillights. The halos come pre-wired and can be easily installed using the 3m double-sided tape included, fishing line, or wire. GRBW color order. (Red, Green, Blue, and Pure White). SK6812 Chip set code

Product Features: 

  • 3M Double-sided tape allows easy installation.
  • All components are located on the halos themselves.
  • 36" long leads included.
  • 5V input voltage.
  • Compatible with Blueghozt, sp105, sp107 sp110 controllers
  • Available in Coated and non-coated
  • Available with Inputs and outputs for easy daisy-chaining


Coated: Diffused look when LEDs are off

Non-Coated: LEDs are exposed with no diffusion

Input & Outputs: Halos come with input connectors and output connectors to daisy chain multiple products and reduce wiring mess. 


Please note, this package includes the Halo set ONLY



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