Welcome to our Q&A page, here you will find answers to most frequently asked questions regarding the drop down options on Custom headlight builds, if you are not finding the answers to your question below or feel we could add anything to this page that has not be explained please feel free to contact us at info@yuniqueled.com



"Satin Black" 
  • Our Matte/Satin black is a single stage paint that is sprayed through an HPLV paint gun.  The shine on this black resembles most aftermarket and OEM black plastic trim that you would see on your vehicle.

''Gloss Black" 

  • Our gloss black paint jobs are done using Base Coat and Clear Coat. We use Matrix AG40 Auto glass clear for a deep shine on this gloss black so expect the color to have a lot of shine and depth.
''OEM Color Coded''
  • This paint option lets you pick any color code and any paint scheme for your retrofit. We have access to all automotive paint colors, so we can match your headlight to your vehicle or any other custom color of your choice.



  • This option is for vehicles that come with a front amber reflector usually located somewhere toward the outside/fender of the headlight.  We are able to make most reflectors into Clear,  Clear Smoked, Clear Tinted, or Paint to match.  If you don't want the clear replicas but want to tint the Amber please contact us to discuss options.


Demon Eyez:


"Demon Eyes"
  • Demon Eyes are meant for Night Shows or Indoor shows.  They are not meant for replace Day Time Running lights and should not be ran in conduction to your headlights being on.
  • RGB Color Changing Demon eyes are RED, Green, and Blue LED boards which are set inside the projector and controlled using an RF remote or Bluetooth.
  • RGBW Color Changing Demon eyes are the similar as RGB except they come with a dedicated White LED to give you a pure white Demon Eye.




  • Switchback White/Amber halos are White main color halos that you can run on your vehicle as Day Time Running Lights and with our harness, the process is almost plug in play. The halo is also amber which is a separate function which you would need to hook up to your blinkers with our tap connectors. This feature will allow your halo to act as a turn signal then automatically turn back to white when not activated.  We highly recommend having vehicle electrical knowledge if you plan on installing these yourself to to seek professional installation.
  • RGB Color Changing Halos are Red, Green, and Blue which allow for them to cover a huge spectrum of colors. These halos come with a Bluetooth remote to turn the halos "ON" and "OFF" and to change the colors.  You will receive all necessary wiring and drivers along with color changing module. Be cautious of your state laws and use the color changing feature at your own discretion.
  • RGB Chasing Halos are guaranteed to turn heads at any Car and Truck Shows! The Black PCB halos look very aggressive and uniform. These halos are VERY bright and can be seen during the day time. 
  • Controller Options for RGB Chasing: Bluetooth Controller 200 Chasing Patterns. FULL-Color Wheels with 10+ Static Colors including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Violet, Orange, Pink, Spring Green, Pure White, and MORE! Brightness and Speed controls. Drop-Down menu selection AND an easy mode selection with arrows and Auto cycle mode.
  • Controller for RGB halos, Demon eyez and anything RGB (Chasing): Bluetooth modules allow you to control your halos and Demon eyez via your smartphone.