All headlights have a 1 year LED/Parts warranty. 1 year Labor warranty. Shipping is not covered.  

All headlights are hand cleaned before being returned.
All headlights go through an extensive fog test and water test before shipping out.
Paint is all automotive grade paint!
Some headlight modifications will require running wires and mounting a switch in your car on your end. This is not included with the service.


This warranty covers any defects in workmanship and component failures. If a problem arises please contact us at info@yuniqueled.com or call us at 818-251-0208.

We will set up a warranty claim and ask for pictures/videos of any defects/issues with the lights.  We will then schedule a warranty repair date and have you send your lights to us and we’ll make sure all is corrected and resolved before sending them right back out to you.

Any lights or parts sent in by the customer that have been previously damaged voids all warranty.

The Workmanship Warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear or hazing to the light lens.

Warranty applies only to parts and labor, warranty does NOT cover DEPO headlights and any other brand including used or new OEM Headlights Purchased to mod due to manufacture policies that once headlights are open, warranty is voided.

Warranty is void when: 

Headlights are tampered with by anyone other than Yunique L.E.D
Headlights are sold or gifted to another party 
Headlights are damaged in an accident


                                          Condensation Warranty:

We cannot guarantee that condensation will not develop. Condensation does not only develop due to standing water in the headlight.  The humidity in the air, differences in temperature, and air pressure can also cause condensation to form.  There is NO Condensation Warranty on any light that has been previously opened by another party.  Many times we see headlights that have never been opened for any type of modifications, which have traces of condensation and/or debris. In some cases this can be a result of not using proper headlight caps/covers or even a poor seal from the factory.

 While we do our best to ensure that there is a perfect seal between the light lens and housing, sometimes things don’t go as planned. If your retrofit headlights experience any condensation within the 1 year warranty period, we will re-seal the headlights and ensure all rubber caps are in-tact.


                                     Painting and Hydro-dipping Warranty:

Painting and Hydrodipping are under warranty in the event of any chipping, fading, or other paint related issues.  Due to the sealed environment of a headlight, haze on the inner lens can form over time.  This is not covered under any warranty.  If any portion of the housing is directly in front of the projector, it is possible for that part to become “greasy” or even bubble up; which is not covered under warranty.  (please note that we currently do not paint any parts that are known to have issues with being painted.)

Cancellation & Refund


Once order is placed, Customer has 24 hours to cancel order without penalty. After 24 hours and before fulfillment, if order is cancelled a 20% restocking fee will be accessed. Because every set we do is custom made to your specifications, We have a No refund policy on all custom orders unless otherwise agreed upon.