Lexus DRL Boomerang ( RC200 & RC350 )


Adding some RGB colors into the boomerang while keeping the DRLs working as normal.
Upgrade the LED controllers from RF Remotes to Bluetooth. Youll be able to control the colors on the boomerang using your Android or iPhone Device.

We will upgrade the DRL lights as well as intricate a sequential turn signal. DRL of chosen side will automatically shut off when turn signal is activated, The turn signal will sequence from inner to outter in a steady motion while adding that luxury touch they all deserve.
Only Select if dropping off Automobile and need removal and installation

Customizations Total: $0.00

want to spice up your ride to fit your need? We have you covered. By customizing your cars current DRL you will be adding either some color with our RGBW kit, Sequential turn signals with DRL or both. whatever youre wanting from simple to flashy....You have found the perfect place to deliver that. 


The pricing is for the set (2 DRLs). Shipping costs will be added before placing the order to ship the DRLs back to you once they are completed. Unless selecting a new set of DRLs, you are required to ship to us your current DRLs. All lights are custom made to order.


Compatible Models only:

All 2015-2017 RC200 & RC350 Models. 



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