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In a time, not too long ago builders were using powerleds for all most of their builds, It was the brightest 12v led available in the market, however, it did come at a cost. LEDs would run extremely hot causing the LEDs to fail, to desolder themselves from the boards, etc. So we needed to make something different, something where customers didn't have to wait weeks or months to receive since it would need to be ordered from Korea, something reliable but with the same brightness or better...

So today we bring you the LEDSTRIPz, Measuring at 0.27in x 0.63in, Packing 4 ultrabright dual-color LEDs, We have dethroned the power led. These things are bright and are small enough to fit almost anywhere.

One panel comes with 4/6in strips which are cuttable to size and with half-cut/castellated holes, it's as easy as to solder 1 to the other without any mess or any wires. Create a 10in strip, 20in strip, etc. Fully customizable length. Each strip is cuttable every 4 LEDs. Strips are semi-flex, Meaning they will flex about 1/2in to accommodate many curved surfaces. 


What's included: 

  • 1 Panel (4/6'' strips)
  • Instructions


  • 30ma Per 4 LEDs
  • Resistors included, Ready to wire.  
  • Semi-Flex or Non-flex options available
  • 10-12v


LEDSTRIPz is compatible to use with Ghozt Lighting, zLEDs and exLED modules or as a standalone design. Each LEDSTRIP comes with 4 dual-color bright LEDs packing enough juice in a small package. No resistors needed, just connect a 12v power source and done. 

LEDSTRIPz are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA! So you know what you're getting is pure quality!

Warranty: Each LEDSTRIP comes with a 2-year warranty. If it fails, dims, breaks, its covered.