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***LEDPODz Backordered***
Expected shipping time end of DEC 2019.

Individual: 1 LEDPOD
Sheet: Comes with 80 LEDPODs.
Please select what configuration will you be needing the LEDPODz in.

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Just when you thought that nobody makes a board dedicated to your application, Yunique saves the day! The universal nature of the LEDPODz makes them compatible with almost every design out there. If you've got a reflector based LED system in your headlights or Tail Lights, you can replace the LED's with the LEDPODz. Each LEDPOD is compact, easy soldering pads, interconnecting design...so whether you want to drill some small holes and permanently position them with some JB Weld - the design and layout is up to you!

LEDPODz are compatible to use with Ghozt Lighting, zLEDs and exLED modules or as a standalone design. Each LEDPOD comes with 3 dual color bright LEDs packing enough juice in a small package. No resistors needed, just connect a 12v power source and done. 

LEDPODs are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA! So you know what you're getting is pure quality!

Warranty: Each LEDPOD comes with a 2-year warranty. If it fails, dims, breaks, its covered.