BlueGhozt Lite Smart LED Controller

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potting is a process of sealing the blueghozt module assembly with a solid compound for resistance to shock and vibration, and for the exclusion of water, moisture, or corrosive agents.

Wiring includes:

5ft of wires for inputs with t-taps with Wire mesh for protection
waterproof connectors for regulator

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This product is far easier to install compared to the original Ghozt modules. Connectors are included which plug and play with many off-the-shelf addressable RGB LED kits. Screw terminals are included on the board for solder-less connections.



  • Four 12v inputs, for the left turn, right turn, park, and brake
  • Controls two chains of addressable LEDs up to 350 each! (260 for RGBW)
  • Fully configurable through Bluetooth with our iOS/Android app!
  • New features delivered over the air through our app updates!
  • Sequential turn signals
  • F1-style braking
  • Parking/running lights
  • Showmodes triggered via Bluetooth
  • One module controls two turn signals!
  • Unlimited fully customizable show modes can be saved with our app
  • Adjustable turn signal timing to car’s flasher unit
  • Very low power drain while in operation, sleep mode when idle
  • Small form factor!
  • Includes protective plastic housing!


Minimal experience with retrofitting, soldering, and working with LEDs/resistors recommended. Headlight/taillight in most cases must be opened to gain direct access to install LEDs. LEDs, headlights, or taillights are all sold separately.

Not Potted