92-02 Mazda RX-7 FD Custom Tail lights


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The RX-7 one of the most iconic import cars of all time! Almost everyone loves them and those who don't, Well, we don't want to judge lol But we all have to agree on one thing...Many of the features on the vehicle are outdated and could use some updates. That's where we come in, Most taillight aftermarket options are either a disrespect to the legend itself or just too simple. We ditched the whole reflector assembly and CAD designed a whole new drop-in board, paired it up with the best names in the led business to bring to you a fully customizable taillight that will not only set your RX-7 apart but guarantee to be the talk of the show.


So what are the details:

  • Animation on/off
  • Sequential turn signals
  • F1 Style brakes
  • Looping show mode
  • MADE IN USA!!!



  • 280 LumiLEDs Superflux LEDs
  • 118 Osram TopLEDs for turn signals
  • Pre-Programmed Ghozt Modules
  • 2-year limited warranty (6 months if shipped out of USA)
  • CAD Designed for perfect fitment


Options Available:

  • DIY Kit: For those who like to get their hands busy and want to save money and don't mind doing the work. Kit includes 2 un-assembled boards, 300 Superflux LEDs, 130 Turn signal LEDs, Resistors, Connectors, Hardware, and Sequential module. Medium knowledge in soldering required. 


  • Kit only: Kit will come with 2 PCB boards ready to be installed into the taillights. Pre-programmed modules all set to go. Mounting hardware included. knowledge in wiring will be needed. Some cutting is required.


  • 50/50 (You Ship us your taillights, We do the work): We will install the boards and everything needed for the taillights to work, Once received, Only power wire and ground would need to be connected to a constant power source. This option is the recommended one as we do all the work and you just install the lights back on to the car. Build time is roughly 7 to 14 business days. 


  • Full Package: When selecting the full package, You will receive a used set of taillights (8+ out of 10 condition) already modified with our LED boards and sequencers ready to be installed. Power and ground wire will need to be connected to a constant power source. Build time can range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on demand.


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