3pin JST to Waterproof IP68 barrel connector extension

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Those who know, know...JST connectors are easy to use and easy to disconnect/connect; however, they aren't waterproof and are known for failures due to corrosion. The problem is, that 95% of products that are out there all have JST connectors. We ran into this problem too many times, but now there is finally a product in the market that allows you to continue to use all the products that have JST connectors, while still being able to convert it to a much more reliable connector that is waterproof, dust proof, and of course, much better looking. 

  • 1.5M Extension 
  • JST to Waterproof IP68 Conversion 
  • Easy de-pinning 
  • 22ga Wire 

Each extension is composed of 1 JST connector on one side and 1 Waterproof IP68 connector on the other side. By moving the JST connector inside the headlight or taillight, you'll have a tight waterproof connection.  

What's included:

  • 2- Female JST to Female Barrel connector extensions
  • 2- Male Barrel Connector to 3 stripped wires pigtails



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