370z Ghozt Custom Tail lights ( set )

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All paint is Automobile grade quality.
We will replace the original bulb with a custom made PCB board with LEDs which will give you unique extremely bright reverse lights.

Single LED board - Replaces Reverse bulb

Double LED board - Replaces Reverse bulb and Turn signal bulb

Only Select if dropping off Automobile and need removal and installation

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Custom Taillights for the 09-19 Nissan 370z. These are fully custom made using our exclusive LED boards and Ghozt Lighting modules. With Ghozt modules, we are able to program every led to act how we want it via software, thus allowing us to make any sequence you'd like. These come already pre-programmed so no need to program it. These are the best of the best. You'll have the following...

  • Animation On/Off
  • F1 Style Brake lights 
  • Sequential Turn Signals
  • Looping Show mode

 Installation is 95% plug and play. All you'll need to do is connect 1 Positive wire and 1 Ground Wire. One will power the module, so the 12V+ has to have constant power at all times, the ground will go connected to the chassis of the car. 


  • Proprietary Design 
  • CAD designed for perfect fitment 
  • 1 year limited warranty 
  • 20 OSRAM Top-LEDs per side 
  • 600ma draw power 
  • FOB Remote to control Show mode

 Check out the YouTube video: