13-14 Hyundai Genesis Blueghozt Stage 3 Headlights

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Probably the most talked-about set of BK2 headlights in the last year. Seen around all Las Vegas and most local LV car shows, Stage 3 Blueghozt package!. No more guessing what modification is what, our stage series headlights come already customized using products used on our most popular requested headlights. 

Custom options available here! 

So, what does it include!?:

  • New 13-14 OEM style Aftermarket headlights (set)
  • RGB Chasing Eyebrow and Halos
  • Blueghozt Bluetooth module (See video below)
  • Smoked turn signal lenses
  • Etched Projector Lenses (Email us design)
  • 2 Tone Paint (Black housing & your choice of 2nd color)


Fits: 2013-2014 Genesis Coupe BK2

(Halogen headlight models only)



  • Brand: OEM Aftermarket (Headlights)
  • Type: Halogen Headlight
  • Color: Black Housing
  • Lens: ABS Plastic Lens
  • *Bulbs Included: No (please re-use factory bulbs)


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Blueghozt Package: