The Boozter Module


What is the Boozter module. The booster was created for those who use Power LEDs ( will work with other LEDs as well ) along side Ghozt lighting modules. We have had the issue when using Power LEDs with the Ghozt Module, it ends up burning a channel or channels in some occasions this causing unnecessary warranty repairs. So the Owner and Creator of Ghozt Modules, made a diagram of a booster circuit that would eliminate that problem by boosting the channels amperage resistance to 3amps per Ch. We took his diagram, changed some parts and made a nice, compact, module that piggy backs off the Ghozt module. So no extra wiring needed. The booster will convert the Ghozt channels from Ground to Positive which is a plus for many builders as they'll be able to use 2 color LEDs that have a single common ground, at the same time boosting the channels to handle up to 3a per ch which means more LEDs per ch.  



  • 14 Dual Element Power MOSFET
  • 3amps per Ch
  • 12v input ( 12v output )
  • 28 channels
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Exclusive Design 
  • 1 Year Warranty 



Ghozt Module can be purchase by clicking this link:



Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for harm done to individuals or components as a result of this installation or misuse of this information. Please allow 3-7 days for shipment. Failure to properly install these boards can cause harm, fire and/or injury. If you do not feel confident installing them, please contact us or one of our Authorized Installers. 

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