Toyota Supra Taillights 93-98


Zleds brings to you a different level of custom LEDs, with zleds exclusive app you will be able to select from 10 different Running lights, Brake functions, Turn signal options, turn on sequences, show modes and speed control, using your Android Device. ( iOS app is in the works). With the app you will be able to turn on and off show mode when ever you choose even if the car is off and all through your android device. This will definitely take your supra to a whole new level! You'll be the envy of all the car shows/Meets.


All custom LED boards using OSRAM LEDs for longevity and better quality lighting.
Zleds DigiC Modules
Wiring Harness
Smoked Plexiglass Covers
Zleds Apk file ( via email )
Ghozt Lighting brings you one of the most innovative products available for LED lighting: the Ghozt LED Sequencer. Perfectly engineered for automotive applications! Using their in-house designed software, Sequence Designer, We can endlessly program any animation you can imagine!

These sequencers provide full control over LED arrays for running lights, sequential turn signals, brake signals, startup/shutdown animation, and show mode animations. It can even be customized to have multiple show modes, or multiple turn signals!


Full Osram LED boards, Custom designed and assembled in house. We only use Osram LEDs for longevity and quality lighting.
Smoked Plexiglass reflector covers.
Ghozt Modules
98% Plug and Play installation ( 2- 12v power wires would need to be connected, 1 constant 12v+ to power the modules and 1 12v+ to control show mode )
You can choose to Paint the Bezel to your color liking, OEM match it to your car, Leave stock or replace it with Carbon Fiber.

Customizations Total: $0.00

The pricing is for the set (2 Taillights). Shipping costs will be added before placing the order to ship the Taillights back to you once they are completed. Unless selecting a new set of Tailights, you are required to ship to us your current set. All lights are custom made to order.

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