Resistor Boards

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Pricing is for 1 set ( 2 boards )
Pricing is for 1 set of on board regulators ( 1 on each board )

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Ever get a build that needs alot of leds but barely any space? or even worse, solder all the leds and resistors only to find out after all that hard work, the resistors broke off the led? Well we have been there and thanks to Johnathan from JP Customs, he gave us an idea and we brought it to life. Our Resistor boards are a direct drop in with Ghozt Modules, by using our RR boards, youll be able to put the Resistors away from the leds and not take the risk of them breaking off or just simply the lack of space on some taillights and headlights. We offer our RR boards in SMD and Thru Hole options as well as with or without a 12v onboard regulator. Its about working Smarter, not harder. 


Product Features:

  • 28 channels  
  • Ghozt Drop in Ready
  • On board 12v Regulator ( additional fee )
  • Made in U.S.A
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty