SMD LED Boards


Pricing is per set ( 2 )

Customizations Total: $0.00

Boards are designed and Assembled in USA. Made with the highest-grade products. All boards are put through a very strict test cycle. We created these boards with one thing in mind…to make customizing as easy as possible. Boards are precisely engineered made exclusively by us! Do NOT settle for LED Halos and generic LED boards!! The Board is equipped with Individual channels to accommodate different functions and uses using the Ghozt sequencer Module.

  • Osram LEDs
  • Made for easy install
  • Pin adapters for the Ghozt Module or any other sequencer 
  • Socket adapters available (Additional cost)
  • Different Sizes Available 
  • 1 watt SMD resistors 
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty



Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for harm done to individuals or components as a result of this installation or misuse of this information. Failure to properly install these boards can cause harm, fire and/or injury. If you do not feel confident installing them, please contact us or one of our Authorized Installers. 

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