14-18 Infiniti Q50 Sequential Turn Signals

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Adding DRLs will require you to tap into your parking light wire on your headlight harness using the T-Taps included.
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Have you ever wondered why the Q50 never came with the turn signal on the headlights? or at least why didn't it come Sequential turn signals? Well, we have too. Although we can't solve one of those questions, we can solve the other. When a group of Q50 owners told us that we should come up with something on the Turn signal area, we wondered what could we do...Well here it is, We got one of those bastards and cut them open, CAD scanned the OEM board to replicate it for perfect fitment, Extracted that file and designed what will have the whole Q50 community talking about...Sequential Turn Signals. Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA, packing 15 bright LEDs, you know what you're getting is pure Quality! Designed to replace the stock housings with no modification needed! Keeping that OEM look with that Luxury touch!


The deets:

  • 18 LEDs per side 
  • New Turn Signal Housings
  • Sequential Turn Signals
  • 100% Plug & Play
  • 1 year limited warranty




Front Bumper would need to be removed, Turn signals removed, replace the turn signals housings with ours, connect the plug to the OEM socket, test and install bumper back on.