16'-17' Chevrolet Camaro Taillights

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RGB - Static colors ( color wheel with over 100 combinations of different solid colors via remote )

RGB+Chasing - Static colors & sequential colors ( over 200 sequences changeable via remote )

Sequential - Using our exclusive boards you will get sequential turn signals, Animation on & off, F1 style brakes and looping show mode

All in One - The Filet Mignon of builds, not only will you get all the cool colors, but you'll be able to select different sequences for turn signal, different turn on and off animations and over 100 sequences for show mode all from your phone. Whats better than that?
All paint is Automobile grade quality. If choosing any other color besides black, please specify color / color code in comments box.

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The pricing is for the set (2 taillights). Shipping costs will be added before placing the order to ship the Taillights back to you once they are completed. Unless selecting a new set of Taillights, you are required to ship to us your current Taillights. All Taillights are custom made to order.