11-13 Scion tC Spec-D C-Bar Sequential LED Kit


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Spec-D is well known for making some cool aftermarket affordable headlights and taillights for many applications but its still missing that push to make them great, so you contact a retrofitter to get the projectors upgraded, add some halos, demon eyez but what about the cool DRL that comes with spec D lights? well say no more, we bring you the first sequential board kit drop in kit, which takes your DRL from boring to DAM! in just about less than an hour with minimum to do. so lets get down to the brass tax.


  • Drop in ( no modification required ) 
  • Mostly plug and play ( T-Taps included ) 
  • Animation On & Off
  • Sequential Turn Signal 
  • Looping Show mode ( FOB Additional )
  • DIM mode
  • Waterproof Module
  • 56 Dual Color LED's per side 


Installation 3-10: Although we rate installation 3 out of 10, we do recommend professional installation, But if you're willing to brace the storm, sitting in a beach chair with a beer in your hand while the rain hits your face, then installation should not take you more than 1-2 hours. 


Warranty: We will cover any manufacture failures or defects for up to 2 years! ( Others only offer 1 year ) We trust our product but we also know nothing is perfect, so we got you covered. 

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