09-13 Infiniti G37 Sedan Custom Taillights


Just boards & LEDs: You will receive 2 sets of boards ( 4 total ) and ready to be wired to any compatible module ( exled, zleds, ghozt )

DIY: Will come ready for you to just cut open your taillights, install, seal, plug and play.

Full PKG: Will come with new taillights, kit installed, choice or Satin or Gloss black housings or leave stock, Installation Manual. 98% plug and play.
Halos will be added as running lights to give you that GTR look.

*****Only available if getting the Full PKG******

Customizations Total: $0.00


Custom Taillights for the 07-13 Infiniti G37 G35 Sedan. These are fully custom made using our exclusive LED boards and Ghozt Lighting modules.With Ghozt modules, we are able to program every led to act how we want it via the software this allowing us to make any sequence you'd like. These come already pre-programmed so no need to program it. This is the best of the best...you'll have the following...

  • Animation On/Off
  • F1 Style Brake lights 
  • Sequential Turn Signals
  • Looping Show mode


Installation is 95% plug and play. All you'll need to do is connect 2 Positive wires, One will power the module, so the 12V+ has to have constant power at all times. The 2nd 12v+ would have to be wired into a switch, this switch will allow you to turn on and off show mode at your fingertips. 

 ( If selecting Show remote option, all you need to connect is Ground and 12V )


Comes backed by our 1 year labor warranty and 2 year LED warranty.

Turnaround time is roughly 10-14 days as each set is custom made to order. 



Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0LQVexfm1g&feature=youtu.be

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