Switchback Sequential Module (SSM)

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Introducing the Switchback Sequential Module, affectionately known as SSM, the long-awaited solution to elevate your vehicle's lighting customization to unprecedented levels. Crafted with precision in the USA, this 12V module revolutionizes the way enthusiasts approach headlight and taillight modification.

With 16 positive trigger channels and 1 dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) channel, the SSM offers unparalleled versatility in creating captivating lighting sequences. Each turn signal channel features an integrated LED indicator, providing instant visual feedback to ensure seamless operation.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The SSM boasts a unique adjustable turn signal sequence speed, allowing users to tailor the pace of their lighting effects to suit their preferences. Whether you desire a rapid-fire sequence or a more leisurely display, the SSM puts control in your hands with a convenient potentiometer on the board.

Adding to its allure, the DRL channel of the SSM introduces a mesmerizing fade-in feature upon activation, enhancing both visibility and aesthetic appeal. This subtle yet impactful effect sets your vehicle apart from the crowd, making a statement with every drive.

For enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Switchback Sequential Module represents a game-changing addition to the headlight and taillight customizing scene. Its meticulously engineered design and unparalleled functionality fill a void that has long existed in the industry, providing a solution that exceeds expectations.

Elevate your vehicle's lighting experience with the Switchback Sequential Module – the pinnacle of innovation, performance, and American craftsmanship. Unlock a new realm of possibilities and make your mark on the road like never before.



  • 16 Positive triggered channels 
  • 1 DRL channel with Fade in feature
  • LED Indicators on all channels 
  • 500ma per channel 
  • 12 volts 
  • 60mm x 52mm