Clear 370z JDM Ghozt Taillights

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 Clear 370z JDM Ghozt Taillights. Crafted with a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, these taillights represent the pinnacle of automotive customization.

  • Authentic Foundation: Sourced directly from Nissan, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in each taillight unit.
  • Modern Twist on Classic Design: Meticulously swap out the standard red reflector for a clear alternative, adding a touch of modern flair while preserving the timeless JDM design.
  • Cutting-edge Sequential LED Effects: Innovative technology creates dynamic lighting sequences that mesmerize onlookers and command attention on the road.
  • Custom-made to Order: Each set is custom-made, guaranteeing a perfect fit and flawless performance every time.
  • Elevate Your 370z: Transform your Nissan 370z into a true masterpiece of design and technology with Clear 370z JDM Ghozt Taillights from Yunique LED.