08-15 Mitsubishi Evolution X ( per set )

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Moon halo is what we refer to the side openings next to the projector, we will add LEDs to give it that Iron Man look.
All paint is Automobile grade quality. If choosing any other color besides black, please specify color / color code in comments box.
please email us design you would like etched
Projector swap will get rid of the crappy stock projector and replace it with a Morimoto Evo X-R D2S based projector that will provide you with maximum light output and a beautiful cutoff line.
Morimoto Mini H1 retrofitted into the high beam section to give your Evo X some quad projector headlights or if you still want to add that Quad look to it but dont want to spend the extra cash, we can do what we call a dummy projector. Dummy projector is pretty much the projector lense securely attached to a base which is the attached to the high beam housing. This making it look like you have Quad projectors, but in reality you only have One set of projectors and one set of dummy ones. Believe me unless they are headlight detectives....no one will know.
If you chose the high beam retrofit or dummy projector option, and want to add halos, please select from these options.
If choosing quad projectors, please select quantity of 2.
Only Select if dropping off Automobile and need removal and installation

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The pricing is for the set (2 headlamps). Shipping costs will be added before placing the order to ship the headlights back to you once they are completed. Unless selecting a new set of headlights, you are required to ship to us your current headlights. All Headlights are custom made to order. All Headlights come with a 1 year Labor warranty and 2 year LED, Bulbs, Ballasts and paint Warranty.