03-05 Dodge Neon DEPO Sequential Taillight Kit

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Everything you need to customize the tails including:

New taillights ( opened )
Sequential board kit
Wiring harness
Butyl (sealant )

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One thing we have learn about Neon owners, is that they are extremely passionate about their cars and always keeping it up to date with the latest and best products in the market! Although there is plenty of aftermarket taillights, like this kit there's nothing out there. Neon owners wanted more and have requested that we do something for the taillights for some time now, so we listened and now we bring to you an easy, affordable way to take them to a whole different level. Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Beautiful SoCal USA these boards replace the stock boards found in the DEPO led taillights, no cutting, no soldering needed, there bolt right up to the stock housing. With a simple wiring harness, it becomes 98% Plug and play ( Except for some T-Taps ) Making it so easy that you can install these boards, which holding a slice of pizza on one hand and a beer on the other.


So what makes these boards better than anything out there?

  • Made in USA 
  • 56 LEDs per kit 
  • Easy Plug & Play
  • 2 year Limited Warranty
  • Waterproof Module
  • Re-Programmable using Pickit3 


But Mr. Yunique what makes these boards so different:

  • Animation On/Off
  • Sequential Turn Signal 
  • F1 Style Brake Lights 
  • Looping Show mode 


So why a kit?

We had a few people ask us why make a kit? wouldn't that hurt your business? Simple, We are also Car Enthusiasts and we understand and know that we want to have our cars up to date with the best of the best in aftermarket products, we want our car to be the center of attention everywhere we go but unfortunately that comes with a price, a price that not everyone can afford or can spend at the moment. So we wanted to make something the Avg Joe can buy and install them self, in the process saving a big chunk of change while at the same time being able to brag, not only about how cool the lights are going to look, but that you, yourself made it happen, and for us that feeling of accomplishment...its worth everything.


How easy is the install? 

We rate it a 4/10 difficulty. Why 4 out of 10? Because the taillights have to opened. Once taillights are opened, the process of installing the boards should not take longer than 20 mins. Once done, Test and seal. Wiring will come with T-taps so no need to cut the your stock wiring harness. 

We recommend professional installation, so if you are not comfortable installing the kit your self, check out our authorize installers below: 


Kustom 54 Lighting - Oxnard, CA - Pavel Khachaturov: 805-258-8010 - kustom54lighting.com